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What is Christianity's View of Humanity? - Andy Steiger

March 03, 2021 Kamloops Alliance Church Season 3 Episode 3
KAC Podcast
What is Christianity's View of Humanity? - Andy Steiger
Show Notes

This week we are so excited to introduce Andy Steiger to you. Andy is the Founder and President of Apologetics Canada, an organization dedicated to helping churches across Canada better understand and engage todays culture. He wrote the book, Reclaimed: How Jesus Restores our Humanity in a Dehumanized World. This book was preceded by The Human Project video series, which debuted at Film Festivals around the world and won Best Short Film and Peoples Choice awards. He also created and hosts The Thinking Series, and is the author of Thinking: Answering Life's Five Biggest Questions. Andy speaks on these topics internationally at universities, conferences, churches, prisons, and coffee shops. He is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He's originally from Portland, Oregon, and currently lives in Abbotsford, BC with his wife Nancy and their boys.

In this episode, Andy and Chris discuss the question, what is Christianity's view of humanity? They also talk about: 

  • Reconciliation
  • Indigenous people
  • Pornography and how it dehumanizes the other.
  • Evil and where does it come from?
  • The church and this pandemic, and the need for connection. 

Andy is a wealth of resource and information and you will not want to miss this podcast!